About the brand

Grafis Nusantara is a collective media that archives the cultural context of visual graphics from all around Indonesian archipelago. This zine is the first volume from Grafis Nusantara, featuring a growing collection of local labels and stickers from the 70s-90s.

The zine is divided into two collections. The Label Collection consists of five chapters: Textile, Health, Tea, Cigarette, and Food. The Sticker Collection also consists of five chapters: Erotism, Religion, Cartoon, Classic Text, and Pictorial Text.

All labels and stickers featured here are from the personal collection of Rakhmat Jaka Perkasa. The zine was designed by Evan Wijaya. It was produced and supported by Kamengski Foundation and printed in a limited run with special pink ink. The zine is accompanied by stickers, postcards, and a poster sealed together in a folder case.

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